How To Become an Elite Innovator and Drive World Class Innovation?

Join this unique forum and become part of the group that may shape innovation in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

How To Become an Elite Innovator and Drive World Class Innovation?

Presented by: ASB FOCUS* GROUPS™ - CXO Leadership Round Table Group

Date: Thursday, 27 February 2014 (9am to 5pm)

Venue: River View Hotel (382 Havelock Road) Singapore

Dear friend,

Have you ever wondered what makes some corporate executives more innovative than others?

Innovation is the most important differentiator and the best route toward wealth creation for businesses and individuals.

The myth about innovation is that you have to be talented to innovate. The truth is that you do not have to be talented. You can learn to innovate like any other craft.

The old economy was based on best practices. The new economy is based on innovation at every level of the corporation.

Do not be left behind. Register NOW for this C-Level forum to learn, share, discuss, engage with like minded corporate innovators.

On the agenda:

  1. The 3 simple steps to becoming creative.
  2. How to improve your brain’s creative power.
  3. The Applied Knowledge Strategy - key success factor for innovation.
  4. How to convert ideas into dollars
  5. The hidden secret - Hybrid Innovation
  6. An intrepreneur mindset
  7. Convert linear into exponential thinking
  8. Identify your innovation DNA
  9. Embrace ecosystem innovation.
  10. Simplify complexity.
  11. The law of accelerating returns.
  12. Collaborative innovation and crowd sourcing.
  13. The four key innovation motivators.
  14. Risk taking – the dauntless mindset.
  15. Team isolation.
  16. Constraints innovation.

Join this unique forum and become part of the group that may shape innovation in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Presented by:

Dave Osh is an entrepreneur, former CEO of a multinational corporation, inventor and serial innovator of products and services, like the In-Shape, Air-Pure, Physio Radiance, and many more.

Dave is the creator of the Corporate Entrepreneur Mastery program, Dauntless Innovation and Dauntless Leadership workshops. He is also the owner of multiple international brands like the Success Mastery, Perpetual Wellbeing and Anti-Aging Fitness.

Dave is the author of the book Outgrow Middle Management - Accelerate Your Climb to the Top, and the upcoming book The Corporeneur – Empowering Innovation.

Dave is an international business leader and a catalyst for change who has led growth in emerging markets. He led the expansion of two multinational high tech listed companies into China driving exponential growth in Asia Pacific.

Having started his career as a CPA, Dave has a cross-functional expertise in marketing, operations and finance and proven success in boosting innovation and expanding into new markets. He has developed collaborative teams to accomplish a shared vision in 25 countries and started new businesses in China, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, UAE, Middle East, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Europe, and Africa while living in 4 countries.

Having been at the forefront of several companies, Dave consistently delivered strong business results leading sales of more than USD430 millions by blending effective leadership, consumer insights and disruptive technology.

Dave is sought after speaker in conventions like Chief Strategy Officer - Hong Kong, World Management Forum - Singapore, Internet Show – Abu Dhabi, eTail Asia – Singapore, and more.

Dave holds an MBA from Southern Illinois University – USA, BA in Economics from Ben Gurion University – Israel.

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Thu Feb 27, 2014
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